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Diet is usually a big deal for most people, and especially those dealing with different kinds of weight loss issues. As a result, anyone considering a dietary change should carefully look at their options. However, with today’s health and fitness industry, the list can be so long. Fortunately, there are a couple of healthy eating options that you can start with such as the Paleo diet and the Keto diet.

The Paleo diet

The Paleo diet plan focuses on mimicking the eating habits showcased by early cave dwellers, who survived mainly on meat, whole grains, and greens. All this meant that their diet was made up of mainly proteins.

Practitioners of the Paleo diet also focused on getting the energy they needed from animal products that were rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. As a result, anyone on the Paleo diet today is compelled to stay away from foods such as unprocessed fats and oils, dairy, sugar, and refined salt, just to mention a few.

A keto diet

When it comes to the Keto diet, it is important to note that this eating regimen was historically used for disease management in conditions such as epilepsy and not necessarily for weight loss purposes.

With that out of the way, a ketogenic diet can be defined as a diet regimen whose main goal is to force the body into a state of ketosis in which it can burn stored fats. Anyone opting for this dietary plan can achieve this objective through fasting, reducing their intake of carbohydrates, and increasing their dietary fat.

Paleo diet vs keto

A ketogenic diet mainly focuses on the manipulation of the 3 macro-nutrients, which are carbohydrates, proteins, and fat. On the other hand, the Paleo diet emphasizes more on food choices whereby dieters are encouraged to eliminate grains, dairy, and processed foods, but can balance the macro-nutrients mentioned earlier in whichever way they want.

The results

When it comes to Paleo diet results, one can say that they tend to be more definite than those associated with the ketogenic diet. This is because some of its main principles focus on the consumption of high quality and healthy foods that will maximize the dieter’s nutrient intake whilst minimizing their exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Another reason why Paleo diet results are often more positive is because the diet is founded on ancestral eating habits, which basically means eating what ancient people ate for a long time. And even though it may have a funny nickname “the cavemen diet”, it is in no way diminished when it comes to effectiveness.

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